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What makes this an interesting race is that I am running against the Democratic Incumbent, Jim Costa – who has been a career politician for more than 30 years and has lost touch with those constituents that matter the most, the hardworking people of his district. This is a district that has been controlled by the Democrats for many decades. There are no excuses – and no “blame game” that can be played – solely accusing the Republicans as being the root of all our problems within the San Joaquin Valley.

The bottom line is – that we as progressive, pragmatic and caring Democrats have to “get our own house in order”.

I have become quite disheartened by the increasing political shrill and hyperbole of our Democratic Valley “Leadership”. There are many significant issues facing the San Joaquin Valley – one region that makes up our beloved Great Central Valley. This valley makes up the heart of California – and includes not only the San Joaquin that I love – but, also the Sacramento – and yes, the Delta regions as well. When it comes to the environment and having adequate water –It has gotten so bad that Costa and others now blame all of our Valley woes on a two inch fish known as the Delta Smelt. I say poppycock – this is nothing more than a “red herring” – unnecessarily pitting one farming region in the Central Valley against one another. We should all be working together to solve these many pressing problems.

Throughout this Valley that we call home, most – if not all Democratic politicians have had a disregard of our common way of life, and have ignored severe economic challenges with the significant loss of jobs due to globalization – and, hardworking people losing their homes to foreclosure; a collapsing environment with poor air quality and undrinkable water; decaying rural and farming communities. They have been engaged in political expediency in order to maintain the status quo – and its endless downward spiral into oblivion…

strathfordIn fact, the San Joaquin Valley with its eight counties has been called the “New Appalachia” of America by a major Congressional Report


And, within the center of this region lies the 20th Congressional District – again, sadly represented by our very own Jim Costa a “Democrat”. This is a district that ranks 435th – LAST, at the bottom of the heap – out of ALL Congressional districts in the United States. Being at the bottom – and the worst Congressional district in America is unconscionable – and, it is unacceptable that there is very little environmental and economic justice for these poor rural and farming communities.

It is a disgrace that our own Democratic representatives such as Costa allow for the eroding and decaying effects of globalization that continues unabated sending precious jobs overseas that we desperately need here at home in the San Joaquin Valley. Within the district are those outlying areas hidden away from major urban areas in an impoverished region that historically has been ignored – and treated as an economic and social wasteland for many decades. Some would say that it is merely no more than a modern day Feudal System – made up of Wall Street financed agricultural Interests as the Lords – and poor farmworkers as nothing more than the Serfs trying to scrape a living toiling in the hot and dusty fields. Casinos, Cartels, Correctional Facilities and just all kinds of Crud – these 4C’s have been the growth industries for the San Joaquin Valley.

Sadly, this district has been overwhelmingly underserved for many decades by those known as conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats. In fact, many constituents and Democrats call these types of Democrats “DINOs” – Democrats In Name Only.

However, all of that can be changed right now – today! We can control our destiny here in the San Joaquin Valley – and transform it into the Valley of Hearts Delight!

It will take new leadership from Democrats who have the vision, focus, commitment, compassion, strength of their convictions – and REAL experience working on these many pressing problems. The time for action is now. We as Progressives must “take back” our district – and serve the people well. We must lead by hard work and personal example.

paulrodOur Valley and California is under siege – and, there is much dissension – and, a growing political divide throughout this great nation. Tea Party groups have formed; as well as the California Latino Water Coalition, and Coalition for a Sustainable Delta – and a greater confusion has developed on how to solve many of the pressing problems in the San Joaquin Valley. And, yes I must sadly say – even our own Democratic leadership is failing us – and have ignored for the most part the hard working people struggling to survive in our communities.

Thus, I am asking for all Progressive Democrats to join with me to bring about real and meaningful change here in the San Joaquin Valley. The People of this Great Nation need to pull together in unity – now.

I need your help – and now is the time!

Some could think that this may be an uphill battle – and yes, it may have that appearance. However, to fight for what you believe in your heart to be right – is much more preferable than allowing the 20th Congressional District under poor Democratic leadership to continue its socio-economic decay and downward spiral into oblivion…


Let’s win this one for our families, friends and neighbors that we love – and let us win this moral imperative for the hardworking people who call this Great Valley their home. Most importantly, let us endeavor to win this one for the children who will someday inherent all the good that we can accomplish together. I look forward to you joining me in this call to action. And, the greatest calling that one may have – is known as serving the people for the common good.




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Steve Haze

From his Candidacy Announcement on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2009

Steve Haze, Democrat for the 20th District and the 21st Century


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