email from 12-29-09
We Now We Are Down To The Last Remaining Days of 2009...
2010 Is A Time for Reaffirmation
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a very special time of year in which we reflect on all the things to be thankful for – and prepare ourselves for a new year in which we are optimistic as to what it may bring.  We give thanks to our family, friends and neighbors.  And we pray for health, prosperity and happiness for all of us and our Nation in the New Year.  We make small – and not so small resolutions to do better – and wish others the best as well.  2010 is a time for recommitment and reaffirmation of our core values, ideals and principles.   Now we are down to the last remaining days of 2009 – and we welcome with hope and high expectations a New Year with endless possibilities.  We must remain eternally optimistic that all of us can make a positive contribution to improve our personal future – the future of the San Joaquin Valley – and the Nation as a whole.  I welcome and greatly value your continued support in this great endeavor.

There are only three days remaining in 2009 in which you can make a difference in 2010!!

I have been meeting with many groups and individuals during these last few weeks.  And, I am amazed at all of the support I have been receiving.  It has also been times in which serious challenges have continued to grow that are affecting the many communities within the 20th Congressional District in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.  Rural farming communities such as Huron, Stratford and Mendota – and Southwest Fresno are still suffering from obscenely high unemployment of nearly 40 percent and long food lines reminiscent of the Great Depression nearly 80 years ago.  Many of our families suffered during that time – and now today many of our families are again suffering.  I have met with farmers who are at wits end on how to grow crops with unreliable supplies of precious water – as well-heeled business people from the Bay Area make obscene profits by “farming” the water and sending it down to Los Angeles!  Yes, a common word for all of this is the word “obscene”.

It is also a travesty and unconscionable that our elected representatives at all levels of government treat what is now known as the “Great Recession” – as strictly business as usual.  Is it because as career politicians they have the best of everything – taken off of the backs, blood, sweat and tears of common, ordinary hardworking people?  They have the best salaries, retirement programs and healthcare coverage – while the young are pitted against the elderly – and our national debt – and debt to the world is measured in TRILLIONS of dollars that could easily be stacked from one end of the solar system to the other end!    Why continue to state the obvious – career politicians just don’t get it!  But, they the politicians are getting the best of everything from the labor of our hard work.

  • This is why I value your support and continue to fight on your behalf!
    Sadly , I have looked into the eyes of many who DO NOT want a hand-out.  All they are asking for is a helping handIt further saddens me that all we are doing is giving fish (and carrots from China) to the multitudes – rather than teaching them how to fish – and bringing their jobs back from China!

    I want to thank the many individuals who have literally given their last loose pennies, nickels and dimes that they have in order to support my candidacy for Congress.  And, I can assure each and every one of my supporters that during this special time of year – I have not stood idly by without taking meaningful action.  I am out there every day fighting on your behalf!  

    Just like most all of you – I am angry and have lost all patience that the 20th Congressional District under this current leadership is destined to remain at the bottom of all districts 435th out of 435 in the United States because of the unwillingness of Jim Costa to understand that he is first and foremost a public servant – and should be working hard on behalf of – and must be accountable for each and every person in his District.

    I ask this simple question: What does Mr. Costa care about and truly have a passion for?

    What is he willing to personally sacrifice – in order to lift his district from the bottom of the heap?  And, where has he been – and what has he been fighting for that will make the San Joaquin Valley a better place in which to live and raise our families?  Does Costa have the passion and willingness to do some real heavy lifting?

    Let us now turn and look towards 2010 and the future with great anticipation as we begin to prepare for a meaningful and hard fighting debate on the many challenges facing the 20th Congressional District.

    I will lay my forty years of business and community service side-by-side with Jim Costa’s for all to see.  And, I can assure you that my combined experience will be seen as a solid foundation in which to unselfishly and unwaveringly build a commitment of public service on behalf of all the people in the San Joaquin Valley.

    My public service will always look towards a brighter and more positive future of new accomplishments, vision and leadership – rather than the cynicism, fear, uncertainty and doubt by Costa that has led us to the point where we are now – in which we are being forced to be no better than what is now know as the Great Recession.