Creation of Jobs in the Valley

As a successful business executive, Steve Haze knows what it will take to bring valuable jobs to the Central Valley.

Steve believes that the Valley's economy must be diversified further to include green tech, greater connections with Silicon Valley and using more of our local business and government talents to help create long term employment.

Steve is always interested in what you think. Your voice will always be heard in his offices! Drop an email to him and let him know your ideas to bring greater opportunities to the Valley.

Health Care USA

  1. Untested Drugs Find Consumers In the US
  2. FDA Moves to Block Drug Imports
  3. Schwarzenegger's Health Care Plan
  4. Democrats Duel of Health Care
  5. CA Assembly approves Universal Health Care



Native American Civil Rights

  •    California Progress Report: California Tribal Casino Compact Amendments: A bad deal for the state, local communities and most California tribes: Part 1

   California Tribal Casino Compact Amendments: High Stakes Bring Heavy Spending: PART II

    California Tribal Casino Compact Amendments: Four Major Flaws: PART III

Peter Dreier, Ph.D. is a Professor of Politics currently teaching at the Occidental College



Laura Wass of the American Indian Movement of Central California endorses the Resolution.

Laura has been extensively involved in bringing about justice for all California Native American's for over twenty years and is widely respected by many members of the Indian Community.

Kathy Lewis' Letter to the Editor of the Mountain Press expressing her support for Steve Haze. Kathy Lewis is a descendant of the Table Mountain Rancheria but is still not considered a member under the flawed laws governing membership in a Native Tribe.


Water For the Valley

This concept proposal was personally presented by me as a bi-partisan alternative surface storage concept proposal to the President Pro Tempore, Don Perata on Monday in Sacramento. 

This occurred prior to the special State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee session being convened on Monday, October 8th – in which ALL members of the Committee received a copy as well..

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Afghanistan, Iraq & Middle East

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Globalization and Trade

earthWhen will America decide that China as an unregulated, Communist dictactorship is not the best trading partner for us? Why do American CEO's feel it's necessary to apologize to China for sending back defective and hazardous goods that they sent to us?

3M's sale to China possible security threat

US Official Notes China's Military Gains

China Asks world to stop Taiwan UN Bid

China investigating steroid factory case

China's rejecting of US soybeans may be warning

Choking On Growth


Steve Haze's Argument for Adoption to the California Democratic Party in support of the Resolution "California Native American Civil Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity Legislative Initiative"

CNIGA memo indicating their position on this matter.

Read the minutes from the July 17th, 2007 California Democratic Party's Native American Caucus regarding the the adoption of Steve Haze's Resolution.

The signed copy of the Resolution as adopted by the Democratic Party of Fresno County.

Estimated number of Tribal Members disenrolled in California and the number of disenrolled in Madera, Fresno and Kings Counties.